About us

The company "Alliance-Avia" has been existed in the market since 2004 as an operator of General aviation and offers cooperation and services for flight and technical operation of your helicopter under the flag of our company.
At present, Alliance-Avia LLC has a valid General Aviation Operator Certificate No. АОН1313028 for domestic and international flights (day / night) on the following types of aircraft: Helicopter Mi-8Т, Agusta AW139, Agusta A109E, Agusta A109S, Agusta AW109SP, Bell 429, Eurocopter AS-355N, Eurocopter EC-130B4.
Today Alliance-Avia has the following aircraft under its operation, which perform flights not only throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, but also international flights: 2 helicopters Mi-8Т, 3 helicopters Agusta AW139, 2 helicopters Agusta A109E, 1 helicopters Agusta A109S, 2 v Agusta AW109SP, 3 helicopters Bell 429, 1 helicopter AS-355N, 1 helicopter EC-130B4.

The aviation personnel of Alliance-Avia includes 28 highly qualified pilots (pilot-in-command), including 11 PIC instructors. All pilots successfully completed initial training at certified training centers of helicopter manufacturers Agustawestland, Bell Helicopters, Eurocopter in Italy, the United States and France respectively. Also pilots of the company periodically pass obligatory courses of improvement of professional skill on simulators in the European / American training centers.

In 2014, on the basis of the company Alliance-Avia LLC, a maintenance provider Alliance-AviaTechnoservice LLC was established, which has a valid certificate for FAP 285 No. 285-16-016 dated March 10, 2016 for the operational and periodic maintenance of the following Types of helicopters: Eurocopter AS355N, AS355NP, EC130B4, EC120B, EC135T2 +, Agusta A109E, A109S, AW109SP, A119 / AW119MKII, AW139, Bell 429, Mi-8 T, P, PS. Maintenance can be carried out both at the site of the actual location of the organization as well as at the location of the helicopter. All engineering and technical personnel of the company were trained in certified European training centers of helicopter manufacturers.

In March 2017, LLC Alliance-AviaTechnoservice received license Seria P No. 0217 dated 03/03/2017 for the repair of civil aviation aircrafts during its operation, carried out by maintenance and repair organizations, including medium and current repairs, disassembly, assembly, adjustment, installation and testing, assessment of technical condition, troubleshooting of aviation equipment.

Thus, the group of companies LLC "Alliance-Avia" and “Allaince-AviaTechnoservice” can provide a comprehensive range of services - reliable and professional operation of your aircraft, as well as high-quality and timely maintenance.